Nourishing your baby's foundation

Marissa Kirou, CNP & Infant Digestive Specialist

About Me

Oh Hey, I'm Marissa. I'm a Mama, Infant Digestive Specialist and founder of Noble Baby Wellness​. My passion is to help Mom's eliminate their baby's colic, constipation, rashes, reflux and diarrhea. 

When I began my journey as a new Mom I struggled. A lot.

  • feeling guilt from not being able to breastfeed.

  • my son experiencing pain and discomfort from colic, reflux and diarrhea. 

  • a lack of support and no clue where to look

  • feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, helpless & hopeless because I had no clue how to help my baby feel better

My goal and mission in life is to help Moms who are going through something similar. Motherhood shouldn't leave you feeling helpless & hopeless


Blog for Mamas


New Mom Support

Community & support is essential for Mamas. Connecting with other Moms gives us opportunities to build relationships, be empowered, find advice and support! This is an given whether we work together, were friends or just passing by, I will always offer you a safe community!

Healing Baby's Gut

If your baby has colic, constipation, rashes. reflux, diarrhea or food intolerances, this is a good place to start your journey.

Digestive Education

There is simply not enough information out there for Moms regarding their infant digestion! One of the most important functions in the body.


Is Your Baby Experiencing...

painful gas? bloating? rumbly sounds from their belly?

waking up screaming from gas or pain?

Are you unsure what's wrong with your baby?