Introducing Solids

How can you introduce solids properly if you don't know where to start?

When I introduced solids to my son, I introduced them WAY TOO EARLY! I never knew I had to wait longer because he was born premature... I didn't know I was suppose to introduce certain foods first...

All I knew that he was suppose to start eating at some point + how can milk even be that filling? My doctor gave me the go head but I soon learned that doctors know absolutely NOTHING about feeding babies

Do you ever think...

why is there SO many different method, advice and recommendations when it comes to introducing solids? 

YUP! Me too

The way I introduced solids to my son, I increased his chances of multiple foods intolerances. He reacted to cheese, yogurt, eggs, strawberries and bananas.

I never knew that when he was experiencing colic, constipation, rashes, reflux & diarrhea as a baby, that I needed to do further digestive healing when I introduced solids. 

Introducing solids and how we do it can affect their digestive health, along with their overall foundational health. This is how we set the stage for healthy habits & healthy eating. It is our job as Mothers to give them the BEST START 

What you will find in this eBook

  • signs of readiness

  • when to introduce solids

  • baby led weaning vs parent led weaning

  • what foods to introduce

  • introducing cow's milk

  • introducing grains 

  • understand & spotting a reaction