Antibiotics- How They Can Damage Your New Baby's Health

Did you take antibiotics during pregnancy, birth or labour? What about a caesarean section? Or did your little babe have to take antibiotics?

If you answered yes to any, keep reading.

What are antibiotics and what do they do?

Antibiotics are one of the most overly prescribed medications by doctors. This is their quick, band-aid solution for everything, even when they can be completely avoided. With this in mind, antibiotics can be lifesaving, but not always needed.

Unfortunately, with the over prescription of antibiotics, the immune system is not able to function as optimally as it can.

Here’s why.

Antibiotics attack and destroy the invading bacteria that is interested in harming the body. These bacteria, AKA pathogens, can be extremely harmful and dangerous

Pathogens= harmful invading bacteria, parasites


I believe that the immune system is such a brilliant intellectual system that it has the ability to destroy any invading pathogen. However, for this to actually happen the immune system MUST be supported by exercise, providing the right nutrients, adequate protein to build antibodies, supporting all elimination pathways, avoiding/ eliminating processed and damaged foods that burden the body.

Antibiotics don’t only destroy the harmful pathogens, it also destroys our very important bacteria that cultivate the immune system

Where do these bacteria live?

- the large intestines

- vagina

- skin

- mouth

Did you know that 70%-80% of the immune system lives in the gut?

So take this in. If antibiotics are taken, 70-80% of the immune function, BOOM, GONE. Just like that. So now only 20-30% of the immune system is working. This leaves the body vulnerable AF.

What does this mean for Mom?

If you hadn’t had the chance to read my blog post about probiotics and vaginal birth, you should read that first before continuing to get a better and more in depth understanding of why these bacteria are literally crucial to the health of Mom and Baby’s immune system and the infant’s developing digestive system.


Antibiotics during pregnancy

Mom’s who take antibiotics during pregnancy, birth or labour are leaving themselves and their unborn babies extremely vulnerable.

What to do:

Now, if this is you, and have already given birth, I recommend both Mom and baby to take probiotics. Brands I recommend can be found at the end of this post.

If you haven’t given birth yet, start supplementing, at least 50 billion per capsule along with consuming probiotic rich foods like kefir, sauerkraut and other fermented foods.

C-Section Births

This is such a sterile environment and since infants don’t travel through the vaginal canal, they don’t get the opportunity to inoculate their immune system. Along with this disadvantage, Mom will be giving a small dosage of antibiotics through her breast milk.

What to do:

Ask the practitioner about “Gentle C-Section” when you are looking for an OBGYN, Midwife or Doula. A “Gentle C-Section” is something I heard about recently, which I thought was amazing! Basically, any Mamas who are scheduled to have a c-section would go through the process as so. The difference is you can choose the following…

  1. The practitioner in the room would swab Mom’s vagina for that essential bacteria that is living there, then with the same swab, swab it along the inside of the baby's mouth and hope the bacteria travel to the colon.

  2. The practitioner in the room would swab Mom’s vagina with gauze for that essential bacteria that are living in there. Then wrap the gauze around the baby to get some of that bacteria on their skin.

  3. Mom can take some of her vaginal fluid and place on her nipples. When the baby attempts to breastfeed for the first time, those fluids will be entering the baby’s body.


Mom: Mom MUST take probiotics during a course of antibiotics, or after. If she is still taking antibiotics, take the antibiotics and probiotics a few hours away from each other because they can cancel one another out. However, Mom should be taking probiotics whether she is on antibiotics or just finished a round of antibiotics

DOSAGE: 50 Billion CFU minimum- this will all depend on how long Mom took the antibiotics, how often she has taken them, if she has ever taken probiotics before, if she is experiencing any digestive discomfort or yeast infections.


If Baby is exposed to any antibiotics whether in the womb, during labour/birth or while being breasted, baby MUST take liquid probiotic drops or powder, to prevent and/or reduce chances of colic, rashes, eczema, constipation or diarrhea.

DOSAGE: 1 drop per day minimum it will all depend on individual infant scenarios. Dosage can vary.

What if I don’t take probiotics?

This is actually quite common because a large majority of women or people in general, don’t know they MUST supplement with probiotics during and after a round of antibiotics. If they don't, they can begin to experience poor digestion, gas, constipation, rashes, skin issues like eczema, increased food sensitivities or allergies, or asthma.

Here are some disorders that a lack of good bacteria can increase

  • Increase risk of cold/flus- because of low/ poor immune function

  • Increase risk of colic

  • constipation/ diarrhea or both

  • Asthma

  • Poor digestion

  • Nutrient deficiencies

If you are looking for further guidance, if your infant is experiencing any discomfort and you have taken antibiotics… Feel free to reach out to me at Marissa@noblebabywellness or go ahead and book your FREE “Discovery Call” here where you can find out how to get rid of their discomforts for good.

Probiotics for Baby

Metagenics “MetaKids” Baby Probiotics

BioGia “Protectis”

HMF “Natogen”

Organika “Baby Probiotics”

Probiotics for Mom

Genuine Health “Advanced Gut Health for Women”

HMF “Daily Womens”

HMF “Maternity”

HMF “Capsules”

HMF “Antibiotics”

Garden of Life “Once Daily Womens”

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