Are You Informed or Deciding Through Fear?

Moms know what is best for their babes but what happens when Mom doesn’t know both sides? What happens if Mom is only being told one side of the argument or, whether that is intentional or unintentional? And what if these one side answers Moms are being given (or told), are not the right answers or decisions for themselves or their babies?

I can’t imagine how confused most of you new Moms or Moms-to-be are, with the amount of information that is constantly and endlessly shoved in your face. Along with the amount of information that is being censored from you; it is literally insane. And I’m sure it doesn’t help when there are so many conflicting opinions when it comes to that information. “My Mom said breastfeeding is the best, but my aunt said it’s easier to bottle feed” “Well, my doctor told me vaccines are safe, but now I see research about vaccines causing damage and even death”

Once the baby comes, your like, um what do I even do now? Do I breastfeed or bottle feed or formula feed? Do I vaccinate or not? Do I circumcise my son or don’t? Trust me, I too was once there. And you know what else adds to the confusion, baby books. I remember buying 2 books when I was pregnant with my son and looking at them like “whoa, this is a lot”

I recently decided I wanted to write a book for Moms who want to be informed when it comes to their health and the health of their baby.

Oh, there goes that buzzer word, “informed” I feel like it is beginning to get thrown around, but there is a point to be made about the word informed.

Informed means, according to Google(of a decision or judgment) based on an understanding of the facts of the situation.”

The BEST and ONLY way to make an ethical decision is by understanding and knowing the FACTS to both sides of any argument and basing your decision on that. The issue is that most Moms don’t make decisions based on being informed, a majority of Moms, are making decisions based on what they are being told by friends, family, doctors, media, internet and it’s done through FEAR...

A note of fear: Fear is a powerful motivator in decision making. The fear of doing the wrong thing, the fear of being judged. Mainstream media, allopathic medicine, large medical corporations and BIG PHARMA are fantastic at using fear tactics to get people to make a choice, even if that choice may not be the RIGHT one for Mom or baby.

Moms are relying on someone else to give them the information without them having to look for themselves. Now this can be an extremely dangerous slope to slide down because what Moms are actually doing is giving their responsibility and choices and decisions about their health and their baby’s health away.

They are giving their power away.

My goal is to provide Moms with answers to their questions while informing them on both sides of the spectrum of any topic, whether it is breastfeeding or formula feeding, vaccinate or not to vaccinate, circumcision or not to, and the list will go on. I want Mothers to ALWAYS be informed and confident in their decisions they chose. Not be forced to make decisions based on fear.

With that being said there are SO many Mom and baby books out there it is mind boggling. The amount of literature that revolves around this topic. I decided to get my hands on all of those books, read them, dissect them, pull out information I know is essential for Moms to know, while weeding out all of the nonsense and fear mongering. There is enough stress, overwhelm and fear going into motherhood that there is absolutely no need for Moms to feel even more fear while reading a book that is meant to support and inform her.

As I started to read the first book I was stunned at the claims of this medical doctor who is a part of The American Academy of Pediatrics. I couldn’t believe my eyes with half of the information I was reading, but it truly doesn’t surprise me because she probably gets a really fat pay cheque from BIG PHARMA for pushing all of that pharmaceutical advice and over the counter garbage that has no place in an infant’s health.

What amazed me the most was all of the claims she was making about vaccines, that they are safe and severe reactions rarely ever happen, without citing any information, references or research. Even at the end of the book, she had no reference page to support her claim. This is a VERY dangerous claim to make because it is actually incorrect. Let me tell you why…

In 1984 the vaccine companies wanted 100% liability removed because “vaccines are unavoidably safe”. The vaccine manufacturers could not make vaccines safe and were in fact killing a lot of people. They went on threatening the government to remove liability, which did in fact happen. “A manufacturer is not liable for harm caused by a nondefective product due to its inherent or unavoidable dangerousness. Thus, if a properly manufactured vaccine will cause harmful side effects in some portion of the recipient population, the manufacturer of the vaccine is not liable for those side effects.” 1) 2)

According to 3) “VACCINE INJURY COMPENSATION” only 5% of vaccine injuries and deaths were reported. And not to mention 4.1 billion dollars were paid out to these families since 1989 and only a fraction of the 5% was paid out because families have to PROVE that 4) a vaccine was the cause of injury or death.

Like I mentioned above, when reading information on vaccines or any topic for that matter and claims are being made, make sure they are backing that information up with peer reviewed scientific research. Just because an author or writer carries some big credentials behind their name, doesn’t not mean they provide reliable informed information.

It is so important as a Mom to do your own research instead of taking things for face value. When my son was born I had to formula feed. I was given the “Enfamil Gentlease” for my son and I continued to feed it to him. A few days later it was brought to my attention that the formula was made with Genetically Modified corn syrup. A substance so toxic (in my opinion and many others) that it is NOT fit for human consumption, nevermind a preemie baby. I had no clue about this because I wasn’t informed.

Now let me ask you, what do you wish you were more informed about as a Mom or new Mom? Or if you informed yourself well, where did you find that information from?


1) National Research Council (US) Division of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. (1985, January 01). Liability for the Production and Sale of Vaccines. Retrieved October 19, 2020, from




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