Does this sound like you?

You keep spending money on different formulas to see if it makes a difference in your infant’s colic. But they aren’t working. Or maybe they “fixed” the colic, but now your infant is constipated.

You keep spending money on the fanciest smanciest diaper rash cream or lotions in hopes to soothe your baby’s bum or skin. Buttt, you soon learn they were a waste of money.

Maybe you bought some new “anti-colic” bottles because you read on Google that they help with colic due to the “slow-flow” nipples or “filter out air to reduce gas and colic” but your baby is still super gassy.

And you may have even tried that Q-tip in their butt with Vaseline to help with constipation because Great Aunt Joan said it works.

Oh, I def know you bought that gripe water because ALL the Moms raved about how helpful it is, but you have no clue what they are talking about because this is the third one you have purchased…

Let me ask you.

Aren’t you tired of spending money on these “solutions” that are well marketed but have you droppin' money like it’s hot?

Please do me a favour.

Just stop spending money on these useless “solutions”, they will never work. Want to know why? Because it isn’t addressing the TRUE situation at hand. Because these “solutions” aren’t solving the REAL problem.

But before I tell you, let me tell you something about these band-aid “solutions” you have been spending money on. These are temporary solutions that are ONLY focusing on the symptom which is either colic, constipation, rash, (whatever your infant is experiencing, insert it here). And not looking at WHY it is happening.

Band-aid solutions may help for a short period of time, sometimes longer, but these band aid solutions aren’t even scratching the surface of what is really going on.

I have spent so much freaking money on:

  • new bottles

  • at least 6 different formulas

  • new baby shampoo/soap

  • new lotions, new diaper creams

  • medicated diaper creams

Nothing worked to resolve his digestive disturbances and discomforts. Until I made the BIGGEST change of all. My mindset. All of these EXTERNAL “solutions” that I was buying, weren't working or temporarily worked. I thought, what if these digestive disturbances couldn’t be resolved by adding something to the body? What if the digestive issues my son was experiencing were rooting from something INTERNALLY?

Hold up, here me out first.

Now these physical symptoms that you are noticing in your infant:




Rashes (skin and/or diaper)

Spitting up/ vomiting

(Insert whatever disturbance your infant is experiencing...)

These are known as SYMPTOMS. Symptoms are the way the body talks to us, to give us an idea or indication or proof that something is wrong. This isn’t always the case, sometimes there can be no symptoms but something can still be off.

These physical symptoms are telling us ONE IMPORTANT THING. Something is disrupting their digestive system, which is why you are witnessing physical symptoms manifest in their body, it is the body’s way of communicating with you.

Make sense?

You ask, what is causing these issues AKA digestive disturbance in the first place…?

Whatever is disrupting the digestive system, is known as the root cause(s). Yes, there can be more than one. Now the cause(s) of these symptom(s) can be different for each child. However, there are common foods AKA triggers that tend to be notorious for causing issues in the body and digestive system. Especially for an infant who has an immature digestive system.

For an infant who is solely formula fed, it tends to be the formula.

For a breastfed babe, the cause is something Mom is consuming that is ending up in her breast milk.

Now what I want to tell you is if your little one is experiencing one of these symptoms it is HARD AF as a parent to watch them suffer or feel discomfort. I completely get it. My son had colic, constipation, diarrhea, blood in his poop, diaper rash and skin rashes. You HAVE to give them something to feel better even if it is for the time being. When this is the case, I always opt for natural remedies.

Here are my FAV natural remedies:

Colic/ constipation- caster oil massages, bicycle legs,

Diaper rash- I loved using “Weleda” diaper cream

Skin Rashes- calendula

Spitting up/ vomiting- it is hard to give a solution here because the body is rejecting the milk

Diarrhea- it is hard to give a solution here because the body is trying to get rid ASAP

But keep in mind these are only temporary solutions, it is ESSENTIAL to address the cause of these issues to eliminate them for GOOD.

Ready to STOP wasting money on band-aid solutions? Ready to START getting to the ROOT CAUSE?

Comment “I’m Ready” below

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