Did you know there are 5 foods you MUST give to your baby in the 1st year?

But there are also, 5 foods that you MUST avoid in the first year that can damage your baby's nourished foundation.

Why is there so information out there about introducing solids??

How to introduce solids?

When to introduce solids?

Should I baby led wean or spoon feed?

Can I give cereal as a first foods?

Is it safe to give meat?

So many questions about how, what about WHAT should I be giving them to create the best foundation?

What about WHAT shouldn't I be giving them that can damage their foundation?

Foods that Support


  • offer nutrients that support an infant's eyes, brain, heart, etc...

  • support an infant's immature digestive system

  • create a strong foundation for lifelong health

  • allow the foundation to thrive and flourish to it's potential

  • gives baby the BEST start to life

  • offers baby a variety of nourishing foods

Foods that Damage


  • can inhibit essential nutrients from be absorbed

  • damages an infant's immature digestive system

  • affects a strong foundation + damages the foundation

  • foundation doesn't reach it's potential to thrive

  • can lead to further health issues later in life like diabetes, increased intestinal permeability, multiple food intolerances, plus more

What the heck is a foundation and what does it have to do with my babies health?

Foundation is a lot like the roots of a tree. If a tree has weak, rotting roots, that tree will NEVER grow to its fullest potential. It will never be as vibrant, tall, or healthy as it could be. When a tree's roots are healthy, strong, given the right vitamins and minerals, that tree will grow to be a big and beautifully healthy tree. This is EXACTLY how we need to look at infant's health. When they are given the right foods, minerals, vitamins, love, guidance, support, they can have the BEST & STRONG foundation so they can thrive to their fullest potential. They will be rich with health! This is how we give them the best start to life and offer them lifelong health!